Welcome to Tong Ren Station

Welcome to Tong Ren Station, the home of Tong Ren Healing. Here you will find lots of information about Tong Ren, including an explanation of what it is, the history of how it was developed, schedules of classes (group Tong Ren healing sessions), webcasts of classes broadcast live over the Internet as they are being held, and resources for purchasing Tong Ren materials including books, manuals and supplies.

Tom Tam in Toronto - November 2014

Tom will be in Toronto, Canada on November 1-2 to do a weekend Tong Ren Certificate Seminar. This is a great opportunity to learn from the inventor of the Tong Ren Method, get some healing for yourself and have your burning questions answered. We are offering Early Bird Pricing for this Seminar as well as an Early Early Bird Price.

Cultivating Deeper Self Acceptance With Tong Ren Chaka Balancing


Welcome to Tong Ren Chakra Balancing Tuesday. Today’s video features a TRCB treatment for finding deeper self acceptance. Watch it any time deeper acceptance is desired and allow the tapping and the affirmations to release any blockages and naturally assist you in embracing and welcoming all aspects of ones self.

Today’s affirmations are:

Tam Healing System Seminar with Joe Lucier - July 26-27, 2014

The Tam Healing System is global and moving fast. To help spread Tong Ren and the Tam Healing System throughout the world, Joe Lucier will be offering a 2 day class.


Time and agenda:

Tong Ren Chakra Balancing - Creating Greater Financial Abundance

Welcome back to Tong Ren Chakra Balancing Tuesday where for the rest of the summer I will be sharing a Tong Ren Chakra Balancing video as well as the 7 main affirmations used in the video.

Watching the video will assist in releasing blockages and helping you to step into your full potential on every level.

For today we are focusing on releasing blockages to financial abundance so that we can step into our full potential financially.

For best results watch the video daily and work with the following 7chakra balancing affirmations:

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